8 May 2017 · Buyers Advice

Top tips from our experts when buying a new car

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You’ve heard it all before, your family and friends hear you’re about to embark on the daunting task of buying a new car and they know it all: “The best time to buy a new car is the end of the month, the dealerships are hungry to close a deal.” Or “Only buy a demo it’s heaps cheaper and only has a few km’s on it.” And let’s not forget “Buy a new car at the end of the year to get a plate clearance you will save loads of $$$.” And my favourite “Salesmen only want to know how deep your pockets are they don’t care about what kind of new car suits you.”

Well maybe back in the 80’s that was true but fast forward to today and the way to go about buying a new car has changed. Customers are demanding better service and if we want to stay ahead of the game we have to deliver on the promises we make – ALL OF THEM! No longer is it acceptable to pull the wool over the consumer’s eyes and dazzle them with pretty sparkly things. We have to be open and transparent, build trust and a strong relationship with customers or we lose.

So why wouldn’t we want to share some new car buying advice. We took some time to sit down and talk to our expert new car sales staff at Jacob Toyota Wodonga and asked them the hard questions.

What advice would you give your mum when buying a new car? And this is what they said.

  • Narrow your choices down – don’t go in with 5 different new car brands in mind. Look at what is going to work for your life.
  • Test drive your options and we don’t mean for 5 minutes. Really test drive it. Take the new car on the route you would take to work, drop the kids at school and if possible ask your Jacob Toyota sales consultant if you could have a test drive for the day and do your groceries. Did it all fit? How much was rolling around in the back when you got home? Did Billy’s cricket gear all fit? How many of Jane’s friends can you take when it’s your turn to do the dance class drop off?
  • Cheapest drive-away price is not always the best option. Sure, it helps your back pocket initially but you need to look at all of your running cost – how’s the fuel economy? Is there a capped price service included? How much do tyres cost? All these things add up over time and if you’re not prepared for them it can hurt in the long run.
  • Ask lots of questions so you can be confident in your final purchase decision – No question is a silly question. Our Jacob Toyota Wodonga sales staff live and breathe their products so don’t be scared to make them work for their money.
  • Don’t get too hung up on all the features unless you are absolutely positive you are going to use it. All vehicles have their own set of unique bells and whistles that make one new car look more attractive than another. But really put some thought into how it will benefit you. Otherwise you could be paying for something you may never use.
  • And most important of all, don’t settle for a new car that’s in stock if that’s not what you have your heart set on. You’re going to have to drive this car every day for at least the next 3 years so why would you buy a new car that you may not like for the next 5 years. If you have to order it in and wait a few months then wait you will be happier in the long run if you do.

So, there you have it, simple really. Now you can go ahead and feel confident that all those old preconceptions are out the window. Our Jacob Toyota sales consultants of today are there to assist your new car buying experience not hinder it.

Feel free contact our sales team on 02 6055 9999 or email sales@jacobtoyota.com.au for all your vehicle purchasing needs in the Albury Wodonga Region.

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