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You might be surprised to know that ‘fake’ watches and ‘knock-off’ designer handbags are not the only inferior counterfeit copies being offered for sale in Australia. 

The manufacture and distribution of counterfeit car parts is a booming, worldwide enterprise. 

Unlike Toyota Genuine Parts, the quality and safety attributes of counterfeit parts
is unknown.
• According to the OECD and the EU’s Intellectual Property Office*, imports of counterfeit and pirated goods make up around 2.5% of all global imports.
• Since 2010, an average of 1 million counterfeit Toyota parts have been
seized each year.
• Approximately 60% of counterfeit goods come from China.

If a Toyota vehicle needs replacement parts following a collision or during servicing and maintenance, it is essential that Toyota Genuine Parts are fitted.

Toyota Genuine Parts are designed and developed for Toyota vehicles and rigorously tested as an integral element of the vehicle to meet high quality, safety
and performance standards, ensuring a Toyota drives, functions and protects in
the way it was intended to.


BUYER BEWARE counterfeit parts

A Toyota box, bag or label doesn’t guarantee that you are buying a genuine part. Counterfeit parts are often packaged and branded in the style of Toyota Genuine Parts, complete with barcodes and serial numbers.

Can you tell which of the boxes contains the Genuine part?

Toyota Genuine Parts are the only parts approved and warranted by Toyota,
and the only way to guarantee that the parts you are buying are genuine is to source them from one of Toyota Australia’s national network of over 200 authorised dealers.

Toyota’s efforts to tackle the counterfeit parts problem

Toyota’s efforts to tackle the counterfeit parts problem

Toyota is determined to fight the importation and sale of counterfeit Toyota parts worldwide.

Toyota Australia is working with its global Toyota affiliates as well as the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection to orchestrate raids around the world, resulting in the seizure of thousands of counterfeit parts.

For example, a massive haul of counterfeit Toyota car parts, a significant proportion of which was destined for sale in Australia, was uncovered in Guangzhou City in southeast China in a raid conducted by Chinese
police acting on information provided by Toyota Australia.

Around 37,000 fake parts with an estimated retail value of over $1 million were seized, including everything from filters, cables and seals to safety-critical items such as airbags, brake master cylinders and brake pads.

In recent years, acting on information supplied by Toyota Australia, the Australian Border Force has seized hundreds of counterfeit Toyota parts at customs entry points before they could enter the local supply chain.

At the same time, Toyota Australia consistently monitors the Australian retail parts market taking firm action (including legal proceedings) against businesses and individuals found to be offering counterfeit Toyota parts for sale.

For example, brake pads falsely advertised by a local supplier as Toyota Genuine products were found to contain asbestos, posing a major health risk. Asbestos has been banned from use in Australia since 2003.

As a result of Toyota Australia’s investigation, the parts retailer concerned initiated a safety recall of the counterfeit brake pads. It contacted the affected customers, provided a full refund and urged them to immediately return or dispose of the brake pads.

Depsite these efforts, the surest way to guarantee that you are buying Toyota
Genuine Parts is by sourcing them through one of Toyota’s national network of over 200 authorised dealers.

For more information visit

Counterfeit Risk Brochure

Download here .PDF (2 Mb)

The following are examples of dangerous, inferior quality counterfeit Toyota parts seized by Toyota Australia from local, Australian suppliers.

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