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3 Ways to Help Your Club Grow

If you are a member of a club or committee that appears on the Jacob Toyota Website

Sponsorship List Remember One Thing, bring your proof of club or committee membership into Jacob Toyota whenever you:

  • Service your vehicle (any make or model) at Jacob Toyota and your club will receive $20
  • Purchase a Used Vehicle from  Jacob Toyota Used Cars and your club will receive $100
  • Purchase a New Vehicle from Jacob Toyota and your club will receive $150


Good for Footy Tour

The Good for Footy program is a grassroots initiative, allowing Toyota Dealers to give back to their local communities by providing financial support for their local football clubs and with the tour, provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans.

As part of this initiative, metropolitan and regional Toyota Dealers support local clubs through sponsorship and other promotional activities. Funding goes to a variety of club requirements such as improving grounds, renovations of club rooms, training equipment, uniforms, medical supplies and improving the overall playing and training environment for the club.

The program began in 2005 across Victoria and Southern New South Wales. The success of the Good for Footy program has also led to its expansion into Tasmania. So far, more than 130 local football clubs have benefited from this program, receiving over $2 million dollars between them thanks to Toyota Dealers across the states.

Toyota is assisting the development of local clubs and the next generation of footy players across Australia through the Good for Footy program.

National Tree Day

Corporate volunteering in open spaces involves workplaces providing opportunities for employees to volunteer for projects and activities in the community as part of their normal working day.

Jacob Toyota was proud to be part of this initiative in conjunctions with the following organisations:

  • Wodonga Urban Landcare Network;
  • Parklands Albury Wodonga;
  • Wodonga Council;
  • Healthy Together Wodonga (Wodonga Council and Gateway Community Health); and
  • Be Active (VicHealth).

In the ‘Workplaces in open spaces’ program, employees can participate in a range of activities designed to improve open spaces across Wodonga.

Jacob Toyota contribution was to assist with the provision of infrastructure, services and plantings in parks and gardens.

Our case study in 2014 was focused on facilitating tree planting across Wodonga.

Case Study: Jacob Toyota

Toyota Australia has partnered with Planet Ark for almost 15 years as the major sponsor of National Tree Day.

Susie Quihampton, Brand and Operations Manager from Jacob Toyota, said that in 2013 the company worked with Wodonga Council and the Clyde Cameron Reserve Group to assist with the ongoing planting program that is conducted in partnership with the Wodonga Catholic College.

“Staff from Jacob Toyota assisted at the Clyde Cameron Reserve Planting Day and are incredibly proud to be associated with this much-loved reserve,” said Ms Quihampton.

“Toyota has demonstrated a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability and protection through its partnership with Planet Ark in Australia.

“Being involved in planting days such as the one at Clyde Cameron Reserve has given our employees the opportunity to feel they are making a difference within their community, even if only for one day,” she said.

“It is also a great opportunity to get out of the workplace, get our muscles moving and let our employees engage with each other in a more social situation,” said Ms Quihampton.

Jacob Toyota and Wodonga Catholic College students working at the Clyde Cameron Reserve Group to create a Biolinks corridor along House Creek in the Reserve for about 18 months.

Jacob Toyota and Planet Ark

Catholic College Students

Toyota Australia has partnered Planet Ark during the last 14 years as the major sponsor of National Tree Day. Since its inception Toyota Staff have volunteered to co-ordinate over 3 million school children and volunteers to plant over 18 million native trees and shrubs.

As Brand Development Manager at Jacob Toyota we work very closely with Toyota Australia and Planet Ark to source sites for planting and revegetation. In 2013 we did not have to do any research as we were contacted by Wodonga South Primary and The Clyde Cameron Reserve Group.

The planting dates were co-ordinated with the School Environmental Studies Officer and the President of the CCRG. I then sourced donations of plants from the Back Creek Wholesale Nursery and used Jacob Toyota’s allocated budget purchase Native Plants for both sites from Michael Power, City of Wodonga and Our Native Garden.

A Wodonga South Primary site visit was carried with Michael Power and he offered to help rotary hoe and supply mulch for the selected planting areas at the school.

All School students and parents were informed of the planting day through the school newsletter and requested to bring small shovels and spades. Jacob Toyota supplied watering cans, with stakes, T-shirts and Tree Day Tatoo’s being supplied by Planet Ark. Over 600 plants were planted at the school.  All the school children taking part in soil preparation, planting and mulching during the day.

All press releases were organised by Planet Ark using the event details we supplied during the Event Registration process on the Planet Ark Website with Prime 7 and the Border Mail attending the Wodonga South Planting Day.

Four Staff were supplied by Jacob Toyota to assist with planting during the day.

The Clyde Cameron Reserve Planting Day was a much more peaceful planting morning. We not only partnered with CCRG members as they have developed a planting program with the Wodonga Catholic College who send students down to the Reserve each week to plant and maintain the wetlands. This is an ongoing project that we were very fortunate to be a part of as the reserve is looking beautiful. Two Jacob Toyota staff were supplied to help out on this day.

Toyota Australia’s main motivation for being a part of National Tree Day Toyota has approached the partnership in a collaborative way and continues to mobilise its entire business network of dealers, staff and brand ambassadors to support, participate in and contribute to National Tree Day.

Toyota has demonstrated a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability and protection through its partnership with Planet Ark in Australia, as well as the commitment to developing hybrid vehicles – the Toyota Prius and Hybrid Camry.

Toyota’s Prius has become a worldwide icon for forward-thinking, progressive and environmentally-responsible motoring. Although it functions like any other car, its intelligent petrol/electric combination vastly reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful air pollutants.

Following on from the Prius, the Hybrid Camry became the first locally produced Hybrid vehicle when it rolled off the production line at Altona Melbourne.

From left to right: Tree planting with Wodonga South Primary School with Rebecca Spiers and Susie Quilhamption  planted 600 plants and shrubs with over 600 children; Dean Jacob  and Susie Quilhampton; Susie and Rebecca