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Jacob Toyota Fleet & Government offers a complete range of services and finance packaged cars, along with a comprehensive range of vehicles - everything you need to help keep your business on the road. When you partner with Jacob Toyota Fleet & Government, you're backed by the advanced engineering, innovation and dedicated customer support that's made Toyota the leading car manufacturer in Australia. What's more, you're investing in the Australian economy. As a Jacob Toyota Fleet customer, you also have access to a wide range of support and services including finance and fleet management solution, capped price servicing and the comprehensive Toyota New Vehicle Warranty.

Our dedicated Fleet & Government Department, who specialise in Large and Government Fleets have been Toyota Certified “Fleet Specialist” since 2010. Bruce and Leigh have a combined fleet experience of 26 years and will come to you & deliver to your door, keeping you in your business.

Bruce and Leigh have been Toyota National and Regional top Achievers from 2004-2014 and are the preferred Fleet Management Operations Dealer for businesses such as Lease Plan, Custom Fleet, SG Fleet, NLC and Toyota Financial Services, also including NSW State Fleet and VIC Fleet Victoria.

With an ever-increasing focus by businesses on improved productivity, OH&S and a higher return on company investments, managing a fleet has never been tougher. That's why when you form a partnership with a company that understands the issues you face as a Fleet Manager; you can better manage your fleet. No matter what the size of your fleet, we're here to ensure you get the very most from the life of your vehicles, with service that's second to none. Plus, as the leader in Australian fleet sales, you have the reassurance of quality, innovation and safety that is unsurpassed.  That's what makes Toyota vehicles so reliable. Our global manufacturing network together with our state-of-the-art plant at Altona in Victoria has consolidated itself as a car producer of the highest quality.

Toyota's broad range means a better fit for your fleet, enabling standardisation and lower management costs. Toyota offers 17 versatile models with over 150 fleet model variants - more than any other manufacturer. This means we've got the right vehicles for the jobs you need to get done.

So if you are wanting to minimise your whole-of-life costs, partnering with Jacob Toyota Fleet & Government simply makes good Business Sense.

We are a Certified Toyota Fleet Specialist

Jacob Toyota is proud to be a Certified Toyota Fleet Specialist.

"Only Toyota offers Certified Toyota Fleet Specialists. A Toyota Dealership must prove exceptional dedication before being certified a Fleet Specialist. A series of Fleet-focused criteria must be met and confirmed annually. Fleet Specialist personnel must continually prove they have the knowledge and training to provide excellent guest service.

A Fleet Specialist Dealership has dedicated Toyota experts with advanced knowledge of vehicles and efficient fleet planning.A Toyota Fleet Specialist makes better business sense for your fleet."

- Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

For more information, please get in touch with our Fleet team.

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